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Double Shot Espresso

House, Decaf, or Single Origin
$ 1.50/1.75


Medium or Dark roast
$ 2.75


$ 5.50


$ 3.25


$ 5.25


traditional or white
$ 5.50

Cortado 4oz

$ 3

Cappuccino 8oz

$ 4.50

Pour Over 12oz

Single Origin, Decaf, or Local Feature
$ MP

Cookie Butter Mocha

Rich and creamy graham cracker flavor of Cookie Butter melted into our house mocha.
$ 6

Mexican Mocha

Housemade blend of cinnamon and nutmeg with a spicy hint of cayenne
$ 6

Violet Espresso Spritzer

Double shot of espresso with an essence of vanilla and violet, topped with Liquid Death sparkling water
$ 6.50

Lavender Brown Sugar Latte

$ 6


Double shot of espresso served over vanilla ice cream
$ 4


Lady fingers drizzled in Amaretto chocolate syrup and cool whip topping, finished with a double shot of espresso
$ 4.50
EATS (gluten free options available)

Tomato Butter Toast

Housemade tomato butter spread on toasted sourdough topped with prosciutto, burrata cheese, and chives finished with and olive oil drizzle and lemon pepper seasoning
$ 9.25/13.25

Loaded Avocado Toast

Housemade avocado mash spread on toasted sourdough topped with fresh arugula, feta crumbles, sun dried tomatoes, and finished in a balsamic glaze
$ 8.50/12.50

Mediterranean Toast

Hummus spread on toasted sourdough topped with za'atar seasoning, microgreens, and cucumber and tomato salad *add feta +0.75
$ 8.50/12.50

Pistachio & Honey Toast

Housemade avocado mash spread on toasted sourdough topped with chopped pistachios and a honey drizzle *make it spicy and add crushed chili flakes +0.50
$ 7.75/11.75

Whipped Ricotta Toast

Housemade vanilla ricotta whip spread on toasted sourdough topped with sliced strawberries and honeycomb finished with a sprinkle of flakey Maldon sea salt
$ 7.75/11.75

PB&J Toast

Natural creamy peanut butter spread on toasted sourdough topped with housemade raspberry chia seed jam and sliced bananas
$ 6.25/10.25

Overnight Oats

rotating flavors from The Harvest Honey
$ 9


Plain, Raisin, Blueberry, Whole Wheat, Everything *add cream cheese +0.50
$ 3.25

The Goods Donuts

Available every Wednesday
$ 3


$ 4.25


Make it dirty with a double shot of espresso +$1.50
$ 5.00

Lavender Black Tea Latte

$ 4.25

Amaretto Coconut Tea Latte

$ 4.25

Hot Chocolate

$ 4.00

Loose Leaf Tea

Choice of Green Sencha, Moroccan Mint, Vanilla Coconut Cream, or English Breakfast
$ 3.25


$ 3.00

Orange Juice

$ 3.50


Traditional, lavender, or rose
$ 10.50


White Peach
$ 10.50


Prosecco floater +$1
$ 8


Prosecco, Italy
$ 10


Sauvignon Blanc, Monterey, CA
$ 7

Kendall- Jackson

Chardonnay, Santa Rosa, CA
$ 9


Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Marlborough, New Zealand
$ 9

Tooth & Nail

The Fragrant Snare White Blend, Paseo Robles, CA
$ 10.25


Cabernet Sauvignon, California
$ 10

Tooth & Nail

The Fiend Red Blend, Paso Robles, CA
$ 10.25

J Vineyards

Pinot Noir 2019, California
$ 11


Chianti Classico 2018, Tuscany, Italy
$ 12

La Marca

Rose Prosecco, Italy
$ 10

Hampton Water

Rose, Languedoc, South of France
$ 11